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Welcome to my website.  The links and materials here are provided for the benefit of my students and the general encouragement and help of the Church.  

Soli Deo Gloria.  

George Guthrie

Read the Bible for Life Biblical Literacy Initiative

Over the past two decades I have become increasingly concerned about the state of biblical illiteracy in the church.  In my Introduction to Bible Study classes I have asked students this question: "How many of you have ever been members of a church that offered a course or seminar on how to read and/or study the Bible well?"  In courses of 20-25 students I have never had more than 7 hands go up.  The average is about 3-4.  This semester, in a class of 20, no hands were raised.  

Also, over the past 4 years we have been giving a simple, 18-question biblical literacy quiz in a number of our survey classes at Union.  The questions are basic, multiple choice: "How many temptations did Jesus experience in the wilderness?," "Which book is from the New Testament?," "

Who was the person whom Pontius Pilate released during Jesus’ trial?," 

etc.  In the past 3 years the average score has been a 57 on the quiz!  Our students at Union are very bright, and most of them come from church backgrounds.  Their performance on this quiz is not abnormal for students across the country at top Christian universities.  Similar quizzes at Wheaton and Seattle Pacific have similar results.

Now, biblical literacy has more to it than merely knowing Bible trivia.  For instance, it concerns reading the parts of Scripture well and understanding the "grand Story" of redemptive history, areas with which our incoming students are also unfamiliar, for the most part.  The biblical illiteracy we are witnessing in our students is part of a broader problem in the church, and we need to give attention to it.

About 3 years ago I entered a conversation with LifeWay and Broadman & Holman Publishers concerning ways we might address the problem.  By God's grace, we have embarked on a biblical literacy initiative entitled, "Read the Bible for Life."  You can read more about the initiative by downloading the brochure found at  At the heart of the initiative is a book entitled Read the Bible for Life, which is presented on the bar running down the left-hand side of this page.  You can find additional tools at